Jewelry has been bought by human beings from time to time, here are some of the reasons why we wear jewelry:

  1. Jewelry to appeal to potential mates-

One of our top needs according to Maslow’s pyramid is “social needs,” which also includes our romantic interactions to some extent. Many animals have the natural inbuilt displays to attract the opposite gender. The most popular is the peacock with its colorful feathers. It may be a fact that jewelry was our ancestors’ equivalent to the peacock’s feather fan. Jewelry may have played an enormous role in attracting more attention of mates in the early days. It is evident that a human decorated with something would draw more attention than a fellow unadorned human.

  1. Jewelry viewed as a sign of social status-

The top human need for social and self-esteem fulfillment mostly comes with a desire for social recognition and status. In the early times, it might have been seen as a creative innovation, novel, marking the wearer as a type of explorer. As the history of jewelry developed through time and more fancy materials began to be used, the importance of jewelry changed from a display of usefulness in society because of creative skills, to become an expression of wealth and people’s success, another quality that displayed social status.

Social status

  1. Jewelry to satisfy the need of self-expression-

As our ancestors became more self-aware and started to think more about who they are and their identity as a person, it became a means showing the world about who they were; as a means of self-expression. Professor Zilhao, of paleolithic archaeology at the University of Bristol notes that since the ancient times, sex, age, family, clan affiliation, status and more communicated through jewelry. At present, the usage of jewelry is as a means of self-expression. The designs of the jewelry you choose can be bold or delicate, colorful or intricate, subdued and expensive or economical. Symbols on the jewelry carry their meaning too, displaying a message about you to the entire world, whether you send out this message directly or indirectly. Although, jewelry has been viewed as a little reflection of a person’s personality.


  1. Jewelry to gain from its energy and power-

For many years, humans have attached significance and meaning to certain metals, gemstones, and pieces of jewelry. The Egyptians made amulets and talismans with all kinds of imbued magical and supernatural powers. Few jewelry pieces were made up of beads or gemstones that were said to be good luck, while others believed to have powers of healing or to serve others with specific purposes from enhancing welfare to bringing love into your life or even to protect you from serpent bites.


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