It’s obvious that we might seem a little biased when it comes to the question of “how much diamond jewelry is too much?” Face it, we’re a jewelry site. But even for us, there can be a find line between tasteful and tacky.

In this article we’ll give you our thoughts on how much diamond jewelry you should wear at any given time. It should help you make better decisions when you’re looking for diamond jewelry to purchase.

If you’re a love of jewelry and gemstones it can be easy to go a bit overboard when you’re dressing yourself up. But as long as you keep a few key points in mind, you’ll find it much more difficult to go wrong.

First things first – don’t wear multiple items of the same kind. 2Chainz is a great rapper but there’s no need for you to don several necklaces at the same time (unless they appear as separate pieces of an overall look).

The same goes for bracelets and even rings. You don’t necessarily need a ring on every finger. But then something like a ring on your ring or middle finger accented by a ring on your pinky might be totally ok.

You see how it can be a fine line?

Next you want to make sure that your jewelry matches. It’s usually not the best look to mix gold and silver jewelry together in the same outfit. Sure, sometimes it can be pulled off, but generally we’d advise steering clear of that.

When it comes to how many pieces to wear on different parts of your body, it’s a lot less stringent.

We don’t see any problem with a person wearing a necklace, bracelet, watch, rings and earrings all at once. It can look quite nice and uniform. But some others may find it to be too much. In this case it’s more a matter of personal taste than fashion faux pas.

Whatever your taste, one big thing you want to be wary of is how the colors of your jewelry match your outfit. Many online jewelry stores will help you browse several different styles with ease, so you can compare how things may look on you in different outfits.

When it comes to colors it may not look the best to wear a shiny silver dress with gold jewelry. On the other hand wearing a yellow top may not match up with that purple sapphire you’re donning.

Of course, having said that sometimes bold color choices can be a great look!

Accessories can be a great to accent a look but it’s often easy to go overboard. But if you’re happy with how you look that’s all that really matters. The biggest tool you have in your fashion arsenal is your eyes. Does it look good to you? Then wear it! And wear it proud.

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